Medical Rehabilitation Clinic is proud to offer free Corporate Wellness programs to a wide variety of companies across the GTA.

Why should you get involved with Corporate Wellness Programs?

Corporate Wellness programs can help you increase your staff's productivity, decrease the amount of your employees sick days and increase staff unity.

Whats involved in a corporate wellness program?

The services offered at each event varies depending on the needs of the staff. Each wellness program is customized for that specific company. Some services that may be included are: Nutritional Counseling, Biomechanical Exams, Functional Testing, Ergonomic Assessments, Educational Pesentations, Message Therapy and Wellness Consultations.

Reasons why every company should have a Corporate Wellness Program:

  • $500 in yearly healthcare savings for people who are active 1-2 days a week
  • Someone with a pessimistic attitude has a 4x's greater chance of catching a cold
  • $3.27 savings on every dollar invested on employee wellness
  • 400% is the cost of productivity losses to employers associated with chronic disease
  • 50% of adults will be diagnosed with a chronic disease in their lifetime
  • 8-14% is the average annual increase in healthcare costs per employee
  • $1,967 annual cost of fatigue-related productivity costs per employee
  • 10 min of brisk walking can reduce the risk of a heart attack by 50%
  • people average shedding 6lbs more weight when keeping a food journal